FOLHAGERAL.COM is a news portal from the interior of Bahia known in Brazil and in the world for dealing with national and international daily affairs, focusing on celebrity news, entertainment and entertainment.


The idea of "Folha Geral" arose from the need to do a journalism that "knew a little of everything" in the West of Bahia, not only aimed at the regional public, but with a national coverage offering alternative content to the public.


Folha Geral is committed to producing quality content, through a strict editorial line and attentive to the process of verification and verification of the facts, always seeking to maintain more and more impartiality, thus guaranteeing journalistic principles and commitment to the truth.

About Us

"For us, it is not enough to just inform ... everything has to be done with dedication and professionalism, always honoring our principles".



Bring news and entertainment to Brazilian homes and the world, contributing to the progress of information, education and improvement of quality of life.



To grow more and more in all aspects, to continue to produce good content and to continue to win admiration and public confidence.



To compete, inform with credibility and transparency without omission, never subordinate itself and provide services with quality and difference, always seeking to maintain impartiality.


Family, life, competence, dedication and professionalism, honesty, ethics and, above all, our moral and ethical principles.



Adamy Gianinni / CEO

God be praised always - YHWH